During my 10 years at Fiserv I worked on many products. While the products were all related to the payments portion of the business, these products ranged widely from payment applications, peer to peer payments, credit card payments, integration with Zelle, responsive and mobile apps as well as many innovation products and features that were ground breaking at the time of their conception.

Bill Pay

The Bill Pay application is a product sold to financial institutions to allow their customers to pay bills through their bank account. My team was solely resopnsible for this product which generates hundreds of millions of dollars each year. Constant improvements and features were added over the years with new features and services.

Mobile Apps and Responsive Design

The Bill Pay product was also developed for integration into mobile apps as well as a responsive web version accessible on mobile and tablet devices.


A robust styleguide and component library was key to the success of the design team and these were constantly updated and monitored to ensure sync with financial application design libraries and device specific elements including iOS and Material Design patterns.