LexVid is a site application for legal certifications and they had asked me to redesign their site from top to bottom. We initially started with the product pages and then built the remainder of the site. The product pages allowed users to select and purchase credits for new or renewed certifications and included integration into the backend system. We also added mobile as part of the redesign and together with a visual design update the entire site application was renewed.

Information Architecture

A lot of time and research went into redesigning the site application. Special care was spent understanding the balance between being informative and being a course retailer. Being that this is an acredited program for the US, there was also a lot of time spent ensure compliance with federal and state laws.


The wireframes were very detailed from the beginning due largely to the fact that LexVid already had an idea of what data they wanted shared on each page. However determining how much data and where it was displayed was key to these designs.

Visual Design

I was also asked to design the site visually. Many iterations of the design were worked on throughout the year and after testing, a final design was agreed upon.