AMG Mercedes

AMG is the performance and racing arm of Mercedes Benz. I was asked to raise awareness of AMG among viewers and integrate within the Mercedes Benz website. At the time AMG was given only a sub-navigation reference deep within the site. The goal was to have AMG display throughout the site along side the standard models and features.


AMG models, upgrades and history were sewn into the Mercedes website through the navigation redesign. This made the AMG line appear along side each of the standard Mercedes models and references. A complete restructuring of the website was required to implement these inclusions.

Let AMG Shine

While now included in the Mercedes Benz site, there was still the design to let AMG shine when called out specifically. The Performance Studio section of the site allowed users to see the entire AMG catalog to shop cars and parts.

Interactive Elements

While in the Performance Studio, users could click on items and see more information including specifications, pricing and photos.