Coca Cola Website, Campaigns and Checkout

I worked on Coca Cola several times. These projects included promotions and campaigns in addition to regular website work.

Live Positively

This project encouraged customers to vote for their favorite parks and Coca Cola would donate money to the highest ranking parks in the USA. Users could search for a specific park to donate to as well as Check In and see current rankings.

Adding a Park

If the users favorite park was not included in the list of parks available on the site, that park could be added directly by the user and added to the overall list of parks for other users to view and interact with.

Coke Machine Interactions

Many times Coca Cola would introduce limited time interactive Coke machines. These ranged from detecting a smile and dispensing a free Coke to prompting a donation on screen when the user purchased a Coke product. This is an example of a donation prompt on an interactive Coke machine.