For StudentBridge I was asked to design an application that would allow students to go on virtual tours of their potential university or map an actual tour using real GPS and campus information. An upcoming student could map out their interest and the application would plot a course for them as well as provide overview and context of the destination. In addition I was also asked to design an acceptance letter mini website for universities to use when sending acceptance letters virtually to potential candidates.

Campus Tours

Students had several options for their upcoming campus tour. They could choose a pre-defined curated tour, explore on their own or customize their tour on the mobile app.

Destination Detail

Each destination on the tour had a profile that included an address, a virtual tour and information about that building and the classes held within.

Acceptance Mini Site

An additional offering was a website template for universities to send acceptance offers to potential students. These pages were generally tailored to that potential students interests and selected major allowing the student to learn more about the universities programs and help the student make an educated decision whether to accept admission to that university.