Verizon built an internal sales documentation repository called InSite. InSite is a global repository accessed by not only sales people, but engineers and leadership to get more information about a product, feature, customer and so on. The previous version of the site was only text driven, outdated and relied solely on a search mechanism to access its contents. I was asked to reimagine the application and make it more usable. I was also the visual designer and front end developer for this project in addition the UX designer.

Landing Page

The landing page was given a visual implementation with various content panels and carousels. This allowed the business to direct content to various user types within the appliction. For example, if new technical documentation was available for a product, an announcement and link would be represented on this page.

Organizational Structure

Now instead of a single search method to find content, a navigation and information architecture was created to allow users to find the corresponding category for the content relevent to their needs.

Regional Selectors and Filters

Being a global site, the need to segment content by region was required. This was done by adding regional filters on the content pages directly without preventing a user from finding the appropriate content based on a top level filter.

Page Level Navigation

Due to the sheer volume of content, additional navigation was implement to help users further refine the types of information they were trying to access. Breadcrumbs were also implement to keep the flow hierarchy accessible.