Product Checkout Experience

During this period of time, AT&T did not have a unified checkout experience across all of their products lines which meant a user that wanted cell service and home service could not sign up in the same cart. I was responsible for designing a shopping cart experience that would intergrate all four verticals. This meant leveraging each of four code bases into a unified front in interaction that not only allowed multiple product checkout but was common enough as not to confuse the user while making their selections. In addition, I designed several tech support chat and video library features.

Unified Shopping Cart

Each of the four product lines had their own style and flow when it came to purchase. The largest task was to leverage these flows in a way that made them appear seamless while having to leverage four separate code bases and platforms to serve the data.

Video Library

As part of the customer shopping process, there were many pages of videos that were presented to the user to learn more about a specific product. These video previews were presented in a timely manner based on where the user was in each flow.

Support Chat

At this time, support chat was not very common. AT&T was designing their own chat platform and I was responsible for designing the interaction.