I worked for GunBroker for several years and the goal was to emulate other auction sites that users were familiar with in an attempt to make the discoverability on the GB site more intuitive. We also improved upon the interaction of other auction sites when it came to the "My Gunbroker" section when it came to viewing and interacting with auction results, payments and all other user admin type flows.

Updated Landing Page

The previous interation of this page was purely text driven with no real hierarchy of information. Users would often wander through the site or search in hopes to finding what they were looking for. With the new landing page, the page contents were sorted and filtered based on what users wanted as well as what the business wanted the users to see (i.e. Charity Auctions, Showcase Auctions, etc.).

"My..." Pages

The backend pages where users tracked auction results, managed sold items, etc. was updated to improve upon the existing industry models of similar types. The goal was to limit the amount of pages and clicks and provide direct access to the areas of the where the users spent the most time. The data was also updated to display in a cleaner fashion and ridding additional clutter.

All Buying / All Selling

In the research findings, many users preferred to view the site from the All Buying/Selling pages which gave them instant feedback on auctions they were involved in. As a result, the design for these pages emulated a "filtered" view of the main site and showed only necessary elements used to interact with that item section.