I worked on two major projects for COX. The first project was introducing the means for users to make their monthly payments online through the website. This project consisted of integrating the payment options throughout the site as well as building the payment experience. The second project was a management tool for office admins to manage VOIP settings (i.e. assign phone numbers, change settings, etc.), as well as monitor ethernet performance and settings throughout the enterprise.

Online Payments

We spent a considerable amount of time with current customers to understand the needs and intent of those would wished to pay their monthly bills online. Much of the site was rebuilt to allow for viewing and receiving electronic bills, accepting payments via credit card or bank account as well as the ability to add or adjust services and pay for them online.

VOIP Administration

Some of the product offerings allowed users to use and manage business features like VOIP. I was responsible for building the interface that allowed the user to manage these settings from an administrator perspective.

Ethernet Management

In addition to VOIP, I build the ethernet management tool that allowed the admin to view, edit and monitor ethernet settings and traffic across their network.